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Improve upon the Silence

What we do

What’s Hopeful Ruckus?

We embrace and celebrate the chaos in every difficult story, but do more than just make noise. Hopeful ruckus churns you up and leaves you with a certainty that things are, will be, or can be okay.

Past Initiatives

In our first few years we’ve helped kids to regulate their emotions with improv, fostered intergenerational connection through artistic practice, and explored what it’s like to need to pass as different things to different people. We can’t wait to share what’s next.

Who we are

The Board

We are currently recruiting a new board for our re-incorporation! If you have an interest in non-profit governance, please let us know. We’d love to chat about making hopeful ruckus together.

Our Creatives

We have had the pleasure of working with too many brilliant people to name them all, but we would be remiss not to acknowledge the contributions of our diverse range of artists, collaborators and organisers in our foundational years.

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